Leadwave Solutions


SAP Basic Navigation Training
Designed for users who are new to SAP, this course provides a good foundation to working on the SAP system.
The focus is navigating through the system and providing users with the skills required to find their way through the SAP system.

Course Overview:
1. Logging into SAP
2. Accessing transactions
3. Saving favourites
4. Running reports
5. Printing from SAP
6. Downloading into excel
7. Creating layouts
8. Creating variants

SAP Advanced User Training
The second in the course offerings, this course focused on more advanced functions of SAP processing.
It introduces users to the features focused on transactional processing within SAP.

Course Overview:
1. Database tables
2. Types of data
3. Creating reports – queries
4. Access management, authorizations and audit management
5. Master data management
6. Functional Integration
7. Batch scheduling
8. SAP Workflow